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Match Making, Love and the Internet!

Match making is about the process through which two people are arranged to meet for the purpose of knowing each other and mostly for marriage needs. It’s the basis of arranged marriages, a concept

The Art of Verbal Seduction

There is so much more to the concept of seduction than just sex. It is an art form unlike any other. Each little step of the process is necessary to ensuring that the experience

Economic crisis pushes worldwide singles to look for a partner

More and more people turn to Google in search of new partners. The digital world has gradually isolated users hooked onto their electronic devices while desensitized them from the surrounding reality. The seeming illusion

How to Make New Friends

Reasons for loneliness Have you experienced the bitter sense of overwork? Have you ever found it difficult to arrange outings with friends during weekdays? Have you lost contact with your favorite pals since you

Garcinia Cambogia in Reality!

Some people call it “The Miracle Tree”, but, not in the region where it is commonly found. In this country, no one is interested in this tree or about this fruit. I am pretty

I Saw Attacus Atlus alive!

yes...friends..this is out of topic. But, I feel like showing it to you. A few days ago, one of my daughters had gone to a tuition class and she was on the way home.

What Love is Not About!

Love is the magical word that bonds lives together for years and years. It is the most compelling survival mechanism (you can disagree with me!), not because of reproduction needs, since we can manage

How To Identify A Friend?

  Friends:   We meet a lot of people everyday, some smile at you, some chat with you, some share a table or a room with you and so on. We make friends everyday

If You Really Want Your Ex Back…..

Analyze yourself If your partner has blamed you for the failed relationship, then do a little research on yourself. What is it in you that your partner is unhappy about? Or what is it

Traits of a Happy Couple!

Best Relationship Advice Happiness is what everyone wants from a relationship. If you are in a relationship and feel always unhappy then you'd better be alone. A relationship is meant to bring a breeze

New Relationship Advice!

  Top Seven New Relationship Advices   It is a fact that a new relationship is quite tricky. Firsts, you keep on asking yourself, “What are we?” Then there is the stress of sharing

Effective Ways to Save Your Relationship Before It’s Too Late!

Recovering a Relationship: Is it accurate to say that you are attempting to recover your relationship on course? Our relationships are among the most significant viewpoints in our lives- - without them, life is