Love Letters: 6 Reasons Why You Should Be Writing Them?

Love Letters: 6 Reasons Why You Should Be Writing Them?

Writing love letters is a quite old method of communication isn't? We, in this world of technological advances express everything in short. For instance, blogging which is a recent form of communication has evolved to microblogging, tweeting and so on.

We prefer to send instant messages instead of writing emails. We are busy we don't have time to write a comprehensive essay or a letter, forget love letters We want things to be communicated in the shortest form possible.

But when it comes to love, the more is better. When you writeelaborate love letters you convey more. I am not telling that you should always adopt this elaborate method. Sometimes a short and a sweet reply counts and delivers a lot.

But when you are given more words, when you can be more elaborate, you can certainly speak a lot out. Here are 6 solid reasons why you should write  loveletters to your partner now:


Yes, more than anything, comprehensive love letters can touch your partner's mind. Among so many technological advances where you can simply send him/her a 1 line text or an IM or a phone call, if you prefer to write love letters, you demonstrate that you want to show how much you love your partner by spending some time and effort. Now that we are used to typing rather than writing, it can be really hard to sit down and write with a pen and a paper. Everyone's like that. Not only that we are busy, we are also lazy, and more importantly we are getting used to saying good bye to pen and paper. So writing can be hard and your partner knows this. Love letters in this context count a lot. It shows that you have taken some solid effort to demonstrate your love and to make your partner happy. Smooth relationship tips also include you to communicate well.

Capture ideas:

As I just said, writing love letters takes time and effort. You sit down for a while, think and write love letters. This helps you to record a lot of your ideas. I mean, when you are just typing an email or an IM or a text message, you limit yourself to words and just convey the message. It is kind of telegraphic. You just click send the "message" and nothing else. Whereas when you spend some time on sitting down, thinking and writing you get more ideas. You get new thoughts and words to express your love, you become creative about making your letter sound funny, entertaining and lovable. You can really appreciate the idea flow this way.

Love Letters can be kept:

Of course, a love letter can be kept for a very long time. Your email is in Google's or Yahoo's server and you have no guarantee that it will remain there forever. Your phone can be changed; your inbox may become full. But with the paper love letters, you can really keep them for a very long time. It can be saved for future to relish these moments. It can be more than any memorable gift you give your partner because it carries your words.

Helps recharging:

When you are down, when you guys are having an argument, when you guys suffer from difference of opinion and are not communicating, when you just have a silly problem that makes you feel apart, then your love letters are beautiful remedies. Just pick one and read at times of trouble. You will feel all new and recharged. You will feel fresh; your love will feel fresh. Yet another important advantage is that love letters read at times of an issue between you two can help you solve the issue.

Solves problems:

If it is that you need to make a compromise, your partner's love letters can make it easy for you. If it is that you need to let your ego off and start the conversation, your partner's love letter can motivate you. If it is that you have some doubts on your partner's love that needs to be clarified, the same can give you the answers. Like sent mails, your own love letters to your partner can also help you guys to solve issues. If you realize how enthusiastic, fresh and loving you were once upon a time (at the time you wrote your love letter; a tip- better put a date on your love letter!) then you will probably be well motivated or pushed to let go any hatred, differences, ego etc..

Good at long distance:

More than anything, love letters from your partner is like your partner with you, when you are at a long distance relationship. Reading love letters written by your partner when you miss him/her can make you feel that you are next to him/her. The words will mean a lot more, especially at distance.

Love Letters are great companions:

Like bedtime stories for kids, these love letters are great companion for those at long distance. Just read those lov letters from your partner before bed and you will have a peaceful and pleasant sleep. I have used this method during the early days of my long distance relationship and this has been a great stress reliever. Why don't you write a love letter today?
  1. Get Your Ex Back

    Do you know how couples start out deeply in love and over time lose that loving feeling? Life gets busy and over time it is easy to start taking your spouse for granted. So, how do you keep the romance flowing in your relationship? One thing you can do is write romantic love letters.

  2. TracyAnn0312

    It is very sweet if your partner wrote love letter from you. Me, I can express my own feelings through writing letters and poems. The reason I done this is to express my feeling from my loved one!

  3. Fahad

    It is absolutely true, by writing love letter you can express easily and it can be your companion when you are alone… But now a days no one is interested in writing letter, instead they love to write short msgs and send through mobiles. Which may not be so effective.

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