Can You Fall In Love On Your First Date?

Can You Fall In Love On Your First Date

This is not a tricky question. The answer is quite straight. It all depends on how much you know the guy or girl. So what is tricky is that when you plan to go on a date. But then, this is yet another straight thing that comes to a closed circle with the first question.

If you need to know the guy or the girl better, then you need to go on a date. The starting, of course, will be your first date. Well then, what actually am I going to talk here? Read on...

Going on a date is fun. Added to this can be just a feeling of friendship or liking or even love (which is not said out). If it is either friendship or a plain liking, there are very high chances that the feeling will be converted into love at the end of the date, if your date goes fine.The friendship you share with each other will help you out to build the relationship more stronger.

To be precise, if you go on a date with a person whom you know for quite some time, it is natural that you know each others' likes and dislikes. So it is also natural that you guys come up with a dating plan that suits or makes both of you happy. A First date needs to be planned,as it may either turn into a happy beginning of a new bond or end up in a bad date. Plan accordingly on what to discuss,where to go, what to wear, how to start the conversation etc

On the other hand if you go on a date with a person who you know not much about, then one cannot say that your dating event will be enjoyable. There is 50% chance for both the date being enjoyable or awful. Try making an effort to know the person a little to make your date comfortable.

Even though both of you search the internet for 'great first date ideas', 'places to go on a first date', 'what to wear on a first date', 'first date tips for men or women' and so on and discuss the most with your friends, your theoretical knowledge will not help you on the occasion. What you actually think or assume to be may not always come out to be a truth.Especially, if the person is not known to you before,you may encounter surprises after surprises. So yes you can fall in love on your first date if
  • The person is already known to you to some extent on the first date
  • You know something about his character/traits, likes and dislikes and so on
  • If you really like him not on that occasion alone but either since sometime before or after your date
  • If you feel like falling in love when you are not drunk
  • Don't be ready to make commitments
  • Don't get too intimate right on the first date
In short, 'Look before you leap' still applies. This is just a quick thought. More to come. Meanwhile, any thoughts from you?
  1. Tracyann0312

    I don’t. I can fall in love after I know the true attitude of the guy I dated. first date comes only with first impression, no other things will be added i think!

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