How To Flirt With A Shy Guy? 10+1 Tips

Shy Guy

Dating shy guys is not an easy job as you have to know the right ways of flirting to bring the guy out of his shell. Sometimes shy boys can be very discouraging, but do not worry ladies! Make sure you keep yourself more available, you also have to take the lead more often, and with the right tips and a little practice, you will be able to make any shy guy take a double take. So ladies, are you ready to learn all the ways of how to flirt with a shy guy?

1. Start Slow, Get to Know Him

Starting out slow is the first tip to flirt with a shy guy. You may have to take the lead and approach him making the first moves, but always take these things slow.

Take the time to get to know him – that is a surefire way to flirt with him. Trust me – he would love you to get to know him properly.

Talk about food, movies, hobbies, or other fun activities. Do not forget about asking to do any of such activities together; do not expect him to ask you as you must remember you are flirting with a shy guy, so you have to initiate it.

2. Be Sensitive

You must remember that the guy is shy for a reason – either he is a jerk or a really nice classic type. You can flirt with such kind by being sensitive to the vibe you are getting from him. You have to take his feelings into account; you cannot be always aggressive in that matter. If you come on too strong, it can ward him off. Do not forget to be sensitive with little kids you meet, be it his younger brother or sister. He will like that you care so much.

3. Be Sweet

Be sweet while dating shy guys. Smile and talk back when he wants to speak up. Be shy, coy, sweet, and mysterious at time. Glance in the corner of your eye and catch him looking at you. Make him nervous with looking over fast and this will make him look down. The moment he goes to look back up at you, look down quickly and bat your eyes with a naughty smile. This will really make him think you are interested and will draw him in.

4. Be Intelligent

Keep your general knowledge updated. It is a very nice way to flirt with a shy guy. You can communicate for more topics and can answer his questions without acting stupid. If you are not aware of any answer, do not act smart and accept that you are not aware of the answer and give an ear to him allowing him to show his intelligence. This will definitely make him feel good, and will show him that you have the guts to accept to the things you do not know instead of having know-it-all attitude.

5. Be Friendly

How to flirt with a shy guy is not so tough when you become really friendly with him. Talk about the things you both have in common. Take the first lead to talk if he is too shy. Look approachable and avoid being too girly, as he might not be habituated to too much of female attention. He will slowly open up and be more comfortable with you once you guys become good friends.

6. Be Funny

Always, shine your personality with a good sense of humor when you are talking to the shy guy or text flirting him or even when you flirt online with him. Being funny and witty might loosen him up. Give him time to understand and react and in few days, he will be all cool with you.

7. Be Complimentary

Do not you love comments, ladies? Similarly, a shy guy also loves compliments. Compliment about his style, his outfit, his body, his voice, or even the blog he wrote lately. This builds his self-confidence and self-esteem and will make him feel good. It will also make him feel empowered to make a move on you by himself. Do not hesitate calling him by a complimentary name based on one of his qualities that you drool for. This will assure him that you are noticing him and he is definitely important to you.

8. Make Physical Contact with Him

Always notice his body language to make sure of his responses toward your flirting. If you have spent sufficient time with him, you can make little physical contact with him. Be sweet to him and do not make all the first moves, but yes, a few of them for sure. Believe me ladies, this really works. Being physical releases the bonding hormone – oxytocin – that would make him feel closer and start responding to you in no time. Also, touching him would make him confident to open up and would also give him permission to make an affectionate gesture toward you in return.

9. Take a Helping Hand

How to flirt with a shy guy gets easier when you ask them for help. It is biologically wired in such way that men love to help women, and so a shy guy will. Ask him to fix your car, your door, your laptop, or anything. He will enjoy helping you and much more connected to you. This will also allow him talking more about what he did to fix the issue if you ask him.

10. Make Your Goodbye Connected

You can show that you are interested in a shy guy by a very easy and non-intimidating way – when you would be leaving, say that you would like to see him again. If you are meeting him for the first time, make sure he has your contact information and then bid a nice goodbye. This will keep him connected and interested.

Bonus Tip

Never forget to be yourself. You must be outgoing but still yourself. You must be that missing piece of the puzzle that he wants to complete. Your sensitivity, sweetness, compassionate-ness will draw him entirely. But keep in mind, if he is not responding positively to your moves, do not waste your time and end the relationship because you are not a crazy to waste your energy behind someone who is not truly into you.
  1. Alok Vats

    Great tips Jane, I really like your post. I guess, I being the shy guy can really understand the importance of all these points, especially the second one is quite important, as if you don’t be sensible, then it will give a clear message that you are making fun of that guy, which will surely hurt him…

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