How To Show Love In A Long Distance Relationship?

How To Show Love In A Long Distance Relationship

Long distance relationship is challenging isn't it? Especially to show your love at a distance is really a challenging task. But there are thousands and thousands of couple who have very successful long distance relationships. While it is true that the long distance relationship is not for the faint hearted,it is not a big deal really.It is a test to be survived to prove how strong your love is.

Well, one cannot always catch up in long distance relationships, you can try spending time with each other when both of you are free. Expectations will rise from both ends and keeping them up is important for a strong bond. Keep updating about your whereabouts to your partner which can help building trust and a sense of belonging.

As communication is what matters the most, maintain the communication and never let any gap pop up between both of you. Though it is hard at times communicating everything, you can share the most important things with your partner on a priority note. Patience and Understanding takes your relationship to another level. if you have them or cultivate them, it will save you from many problems.

LDR can be fun, constructive and a matured form of relationship where one has lots of opportunities to be individual. Being creative helps you to work on your relationship.

So here is an incomplete list of things you can do to show your love to your long distant partner; I invite you to add to the list any creative ideas if you have.

1. Send flowers/surprise gifts. 2. Write love letters. 3. Send personalized gifts on occasions. 4. Tell how you miss them. 5. Connect to your partner at least once a week. 6. Speak out your commitment. 6. Speak out about getting married (married couple would want to go to the next level). 7. Send something you use, say your pen, shirt, watch etc. for your partner to keep so that it will remind him/her of you. 8. Send a kiss, send a hug. 9. Speak about things your partner will enjoy. 10. Make a creative countdown and send it to your partner so that both of you remind yourselves often about the day you will meet. 11. Be funny. 12. If you will be busy one day and won’t be able to connect to your partner, warn him/her ahead in order to avoid disappointment. 13. Provide full moral support when your partner is in some trouble at the distance by calling, writing email etc.. 14. Talk about your future plan towards the relationship. 15. Talk about getting together or putting an end to the LDR (I mean, making it a relationship in proximity). If you are doing something on your part for getting together, discuss it with your partner and engage him/her in the goal. 16. Send pictures of you. 17. Make good use of the webcam. 18. Send your partner an audio clip where you speak out your mind about how you love your partner. 19. Send a diary with pictures of you both on special occasions or unforgettable moments in a chronological order. Any more ideas?
  1. Tracyann0312

    Sending lovely message to your partner and saying how much you love each other can be a good sign in showing love to your partner. Remember that honesty is important in your relationship to tighten up.


    Very nice article, exactly what I needed.

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