6 Of The Most Common Relationship Issues

Relationships are wonderful. Unfortunately there is no such thing as a perfect relationship. It will be surprising to see any relationship without problems. Actually, the beauty of every relationship lies in solving problems that arise in due course because every attempt to solving an issue leads to new dimensions of understanding.

The relationship goes to the next level every time and more and more matured by this way. There are several problems in every relationship, I will focus on 6 of the most common ones.


communication issue in relationship Communication itself is not an issue, but it could easily be an issue if not used well. Communication is so important in a relationship, since I do not think that there is any other way a relationship could survive. Communication can be of any form, verbal, body language, or any other indirect forms. Effective communication is not a skill that only certain people are possessing. It is just a combination of common sense and some practice. However it can solve hell lot of problems even before they appear. The couple should take all possible measures to solve every conflict by arguing in an effective manner. Further more, if there arises any difference of opinion, the couple should get back and make up as soon as possible by effectively communicating.


compromising and being flexible This is not a thing that everyone would want to do or any one will be willing to do. Whether oneshould compromise in a relationshipor not is one of the highly debated questions.  But those who understand the importance of the relationship they are in, will try to make compromises then and there, when needed. Compromising tells you how much you value the relationship. It also tells your partner how much you love him/her. But it is not advisable to compromise on an extreme which will create problems later. Also you should also avoid situations of too much compromising, since this will make your partner to always expect you to compromise on things.


marriage getting committed   This is not actually an issue, but this can be an issue. When you decide to get committed in a relationship where you know not much about your partner or when you decide to get committed at the wrong time of the either the stage of the relationship or your life, things won't be nice. This can lead to problems, some can be solved while others can result in ending of relationships. See how tragic it will be that you end your relationship due to a problem caused by making wrong kind of commitment decisions.


bored in a relationship It is normal to get bored once in a while. We get bored always with various things; not only in the relationship, but at home, at work, or even with friends. But getting bored in a relationship will either cause a problem in the near future or would have been due to a problem from the past. In any way, one should always find ways to deal with boredom in a relationship since if it continues to exist can it can ultimately destroy your relationship.


coping with rejection Rejection will hurt. Anyone who puts in love and affection in a relationship will want the same back, if not in full, at least some amount. But a total rejection will badly hurt. If your partner rejects you, it can be due to one of several reasons. Sometimes there can be no serious reason for rejection and things in this case will come back to normal soon. Whatever be the case, the mere fact to know that your partner is rejecting your could be very painful and can lead to stressful situations.


Cheating is a very bad form of a problem in a relationship because all other problems are known, but this one can be unknown for a very long time. When it is known, two things hurt: (i) the fact that your partner has cheated on you and (ii) you have not known about this so far. Dealing with a cheating spouse should be done in a rather matured way than simply giving out the emotional outbursts. It will always be wise to look out for signs to know if your partner is cheating on you if you start to suspect so.
  1. Rizwan Sultan

    Hey Nice too see your blog on that niche but I think rejection is most common issue in relationships.

  2. Dave


    If you suspect your spouse is cheating, it is reasonably easy to confirm it with a hidden camera.
    They are quite cheap and easy to use.

    • Mike

      That’s an interesting idea, but I think that a hidden camera might be almost as disrespectful and invasive as getting it on with someone other than your spouse. Just feeding the fire in my opinion, not a good idea IF you want to recover from the betrayal of infidelity.

  3. Cindy

    I think that the main thing that you listed is communication – that can solve any of the other problems that you have mentioned, not directly, but you and your partner can work on these issues if you both communicate your true feelings to each other.

  4. Anne

    One of the most painful problem that any relationship will encounter is when your significant other cheats on you. It is pretty hard to deal with this problem because it may lead to lost of trust to your partner which is not healthy in a relationship. And that is not good.

  5. Aaron

    Communication and finances are the biggest causes for divorce. I personally agree with Cindy that communication is where it all comes from. When it is lacking then all the other problems begin.

  6. Michelle

    What about opposite personalities? Like an introvert and an extrovert? I’d say this one involves all the challenges from above :)

  7. Martin

    Communication makes up 70% of any healthy relationship, never joke with it! Lovely post…


    In any way, one should always find ways to deal with boredom in a relationship since if it continues to exist can it can ultimately destroy your relationship. Just taking the time out of our busy lives to do something everyday makes a big difference.

  9. Adam Alvarado

    Yep yep. All important stuff. Think definitely boredom, though, is definitely the biggest one. There’s just not many people at all who can spend all day all their life with the same person and not get bored in some way.

  10. Adetony

    Thanks for the updates, there is no doubt that all the 6 you mention in your post are the common ones in a relationship issues. Relationship can be more better if we can work with all of them as you mention above. Thanks.

  11. Shitij

    i guess all these problems are inter-related…One leads to another and then suddenly you get trapped..But more importantly after reading your previous posts I firmly beleive communicating and that too in a healthy manner could help in reducing the problems…

  12. Paul Blackburn

    This is a powerful site and it really gives a direct attention to answer the problem in any relationships. Keep it up.

  13. Maybell

    The important thing in a relationship is honest communication. Without it, things will always be blurry and messy.

  14. ASHIS

    The points mentioned here are really true… If one needs to keep his/her relationship alive…They must take care of the above points… Thanks for this great artcle.

  15. Madi Brown

    Gret post. Here’s my attempt at saying what you did in less that 50 words. I think it comes down to this. If a mate can’t COMMUNICATE, then there is no COMPROMISING. And once that COMMITMENT goes out of the window, then I am BORED. I’m REJECTINGyou, and I am CHEATING.

  16. YLvanna

    They’re all step by step issues, good posting. Some people tend to forget to communicate when they’re busy, that leads to a broken relationship. Simple as that. And remedies are just too late enough to save the relationship. To communicate is to being keep updated, and being understand by each side.

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