How To Practice And Provide Unconditional Love?

How To Practice And Provide Unconditional Love?

No other word in the world inspires as much emotion as “love” does. Thousands of artists from numerous fields have published works on this word. Painters, sculptors, singers, writers and poets have created innumerable works of art inspired by love.

Psychologists around the globe are mystified by this emotion and have put forward hundreds of theories on it and yet it eludes them. Till date, nobody has managed to explain this wonderful feeling completely. In an age, where people change partners as often as they change their gadgets, people wonder, if unconditional love of the yesteryears still exist.

Loving someone itself is not a smooth road. Loving unconditionally is of course much tougher. As one wise man had put it, falling in love is the easy part; it is the part where people need to stay in love that is tough. It is not easy loving someone no matter the situations and circumstances. Here are a few tips which can be given if you want to be able to give out love unconditionally.

What does loving unconditionally even mean?

True love is the desire for making others happy. It is not just a feeling but an action as well. If you do something nice for someone to make them happy without expecting anything in return, then it is an instance of genuine unconditional love.

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This is the kind of love a child gets from its mother. A mother takes care of her child and does all sorts of things to make the child happy. She does all that without expecting anything in return. This is called loving unconditionally.

Tips for practicing and providing unconditional love

1. Love thyself

If you want to hand out love unconditionally, then the first step is to start loving yourself unconditionally. Forgive yourself for the mistakes you have made and the shortcomings you have. Recognize and cherish your strengths and weaknesses in equal measure. It is your faults and your abilities that make you who you are. They are a part of yourself and they make you unique. Start appreciating and loving yourself. After all, it is not easy spreading happiness to others if you are not happy with yourself.

2. To err is human, to forgive is divine

Forgiveness is one of the most important things you need to do in order to start loving unconditionally. People make mistakes some of which are unintentional and others intentional. No matter the reason behind them, forgive those faults. When you forgive someone for an incident, you are letting go of all the anger you might have had about the incident. You will feel lighter because a burden of resentment has just been lifted from your shoulders. It is not possible to love someone while holding on to unresolved issues at the same time.

3. Actions speak louder than words

Love is not just about words or feelings. If you truly love someone, show it in the form of actions dedicated to make that someone happy. Your behavior matters too. If you behave differently than your normal self in front of your loved ones, then you are not being true to yourself. You are placing a condition upon yourself and this is obviously not love of the unconditional kind.

4. No expectations

As mentioned before, loving unconditionally requires you to have no expectations. Do not do something and call it an act of love if you expect something in return for your action. This is a condition which you place upon yourself and the other person.

5. Being uncomfortable

Love is not smooth sailing. There will be turbulent times. There will be moments when you need to let the other person go. Do not try to make them happy all the time, for they are people and people need to given the opportunity to grow as human beings on their own. Moments like those will be tough on the relation and will make the both of you uncomfortable but you need to see it through. If you try to shield them from the pain, then you are only hindering their natural mental growth and we don’t want that do we?

6. Love everyone

During the course of our lives, we often come across individuals we find repulsive. We avoid them as much as possible and this can lead to a strained relation between you and them. If you truly wish to love unconditionally, then show your love to those people too. Those people might have had problems in their lives which prevent them from loving others. Try to provide love to them. This will not only help build bridges but will also end up being a learning experience for you.

7. Adaptability

Love is intensely personal in nature and therefore it will be ridiculous in the least to assume that everyone wants the same kind of love. Different people practice love in different ways. Moreover, they face situations differently. That is why; you need to be able to suit your love according to the situations and people.

8. Practice makes a man perfect

Everyday, perform a random act of love and kindness. You can help a person cross the street or let a busy person order his coffee before you. There are thousands of actions you can do bring a smile to a random person’s face. Loving unconditionally does not occur spontaneously. It needs to be tackled everyday one step at a time.


It will take some time before you are able to provide unconditional love without thinking twice. Try to practice unconditional love everyday through the given steps. Why don’t you share your story of unconditional love with us?
  1. Shilpi Dutta

    Nice write up…The tips are useful and if practiced regularly, life can be lot easier and happier.

  2. Adnan

    “True love is the desire for making others happy”… this is the essence of the whole story about love, for me ….

  3. Stephan

    Very nice article.
    Those tips can help people to make the life more interesting and happier.Actions speak louder than words is the good way to prove yourself to people.
    Thanks for your sharing.


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