Why Is Honesty Important In A Relationship?

Why Is Honesty Important In A Relationship

Honesty is the prime quality that brings in trust in a relationship. And, we all know that a relationship is built on trust. In other words, honesty forms a strong base for every relationship and everything else follows. Apart from this, honesty is important in a relationship for the following reasons.

Clear mind:

When you are honest you have a mind that is not cloudy with heaped up secrets. No you don't need heaps of secrets to make your mind cloudy, a handful of them or even one secret can give enough trouble. When you are honest, you are clear and you can enjoy the accompanied happiness.

No secrets:

Of course, that is what being honest means. You have no secrets and you are open to your partner. You share everything and you don't hide a thing from him/her with your knowledge. I am not saying that you give a report of each and every movement of yours, but you maintain no secrets willfully.

When your mind says that you have to keep this from telling your partner, then there is a red flag indicating dishonesty. So when you are honest you make sure that every important event, matter or anything related to you is conveyed to your partner and your partner knows well about you. This gives additional assurance to your relationship.

Stress free:

When you have no secrets to maintain, you can lead a stress free life. When you are honest in a relationship then you do not run around hiding from your partner. You have nothing to cover up, nothing to lie and nothing to bluff. This helps you to lead a stress free life.

Saves marriage:

Infidelity is one of the major causes that leads to a divorce. When a person cheats on his/her partner he or she is not being honest. Cheating can survive only when one of the partners is dishonest. So when you decide to cheat you decide to be dishonest as well. You need to cover up so much from your partner and prove yourself to be a cheat! This is where most marriages break and find no salvation. So honesty comes to the rescue. It is simple and plain, no tactics, no hard rules to follow, it is a no brainer actually. Just be honest and open, you can save your marriage. That really sounds like a $100 million deal, isn't?

Expressing love:

There are various ways to express your love to your partner. You hug, kiss, make love, buy presents, eat out, go shopping, share house work, you do what ever you can do possibly to express your love. But while doing all these, if you are not honest to your partner, then you are not expressing love but are doing these things to cover up. When you "act" like you are expressing your love you grab the attention of your partner so that he/she thinks that you are in deep love with him/her. But your actual motive is to hide things up and prevent from triggering the alarm at your partner's mind. On the other hand when you do nothing to express your love, but prove to be just honest, that is worth a lot, or I would say that is precious. Even if you don't show up your love, you indeed are in deep and true love with your partner. This is what is needed for a healthy relationship. So, how do you think honesty is important in a relationship?
  1. TracyAnn0312

    They say that honesty is the best policy when it comes into relationship in order to balance it well. many people wanted to know if their partner have some secrets to deny.

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